Ken Schueler Seminar

National Association of Healthcare Advocacy (NAHAC) Presents the Ken Schueler Cancer Seminar Series

Cancer Survivorship

2024 Ken Schueler Seminar: Cancer Survivorship

The 2024 Ken Schueler Cancer Seminar will focus on cancer survivorship. Presentations will provide insight into the current trends in cancer survivorship and medical issues facing cancer survivors. Additionally, presenters will discuss the importance of advocates in fostering engaged and activated cancer patients and survivors, and what advocates should know about medical trauma during and after treatment. 

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The Inaugural Ken Schueler Seminar was a Great Success!

The program is provided by the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy as a result of donations to the Kenneth Schueler Fund in honor of one of the NAHAC's founding leaders, Kenneth Schueler. Ken was a pioneer in health care advocacy who helped to launch the patient and health advocacy movement in the United States. He made enormous contributions to our organization while helping thousands of cancer patients during his distinguished career as a pioneering patient advocate.

About the Ken Schueler Cancer Seminar

The Ken Schueler Cancer Seminar isn’t your ordinary health care discussion. The Seminar is a series of stirring, succinct talks by current and emerging health care leaders with ideas that will help improve cancer care for patients, caregivers, and members of the healthcare team. In addition to the dynamic and thought-provoking speakers, the event features interactive dialogue among attendees to discuss their challenges and ideas about their cancer journey.

Far from a conventional conference, this event follows a “TED”-style format. That means the talks are shorter, compelling, memorable, and novel in nature. Expect to leave this event hearing something you haven’t heard before!

Who Should View the Seminar?

Cancer patients, caregivers, practitioners, healthcare advocates, anyone who is interested in the latest ideas in cancer treatment.

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