Empowering Patient and Health Care Advocates

The National Association of Healthcare Advocacy (NAHAC) was founded in 2009 to support independent professional patient and health care advocates and to advance the profession of health care advocacy. NAHAC is dedicated to improving patient outcomes by promoting the profession of health care advocacy through Empowerment, Education, and Collaboration.

We Empower patient/health care advocates with rigorous standards for the practice of health care advocacy including the 2022 revised Code of Ethics for Patient and Health Care Advocates.

We Educate patient and health care advocates as well as patients and their families with current information and resources to obtain the best quality of care and to ensure patient safety.

We Collaborate with consumers and advocacy groups to expand awareness of the profession of health care advocacy so that together, we are continuously improving patient care.

At NAHAC, our vision is to enhance the lives of every patient through the work of our members who belong to THE  professional organization for health care advocacy. 

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