Regional Groups

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Join a Regional Group Near You

As a NAHAC member, you are invited to join a REGIONAL GROUP in your geographic or specialty area. Groups enable you to promote and support the profession of health care advocacy in your region.

As part of NAHAC’s mission to serve its membership and the public, NAHAC has initiated a program to develop REGIONAL GROUPS. These groups reflect NAHAC’s efforts to support patient advocates through professional development, educational programs and networking while assisting the public through education and connection advocacy services.

Connect, Share, and Grow.

Take advantage of the incredible benefits that NAHAC has to offer and tap into new possibilities for growing your business.

Benefits of Joining

Ready to take your career in health care advocacy to the next level? Join us now, and see how this powerful connection can open up a world of opportunity!

How to Join

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Our First

Regional Group

Massachusetts Healthcare Advocates (MAHCA)

We are very excited to be growing NAHAC’s regional presence as we believe this is the best way for health care advocates to support each other, their business, the public and the clients they serve!

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Regional Groups

  • Supportive networking with other healthcare advocates in your area
  • Educational programming to support your business
  • Reduced cost of NAHAC membership and so much more!
  • Learn about local practices, policies, and cultural opportunities unique to your geographic region or specialization
  • Offers shared resources, leads and referral sources, troubleshooting

Start Your Own Regional Group Today! 

  • If you're interested in forming your own Regional Group, we created a guide to help you begin the process. Download the guide here!
  • To set up a Regional Group, contact our membership committee at