What is Health Care Advocacy?

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Advocates Strive to Have Patients’ Voices Heard

The US healthcare system is complex and difficult to navigate. Independent Patient and Health Care Advocacy evolved from patients' need for assistance traversing this complex system.

Health Care Advocates come from many professional backgrounds providing their learned expertise to smooth the way for patients and family members.

Independent Patient and Health Care Advocates help with the full spectrum of medical, behavioral, or financial situations based on their expertise. Health Care Advocates support their clients with their ability to make individual and well-informed decisions. Advocates make sure the client's voices and choices are heard!

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NAHAC Programs

NAHAC provides individuals who are interested in the field of health care advocacy and those interested in becoming an advocate with extensive programs designed specifically for them.  NAHAC continues to design supportive programs with cutting edge information for the field of health care advocacy. 

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Advocates do not make decisions or recommendations regarding specific treatment choices, provide clinical opinions, or perform medical care of any type, even if they possess clinical training or credentials. Advocates aim to assist clients in obtaining safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable healthcare. 

Source: Code of Ethics for Patient & Health Care Advocates – 2022