Advocacy Spotlight

Advocacy Spotlight: Marshall Allen

We take a moment to highlight the important life and work of Marshall Allen who was born March 20, 1972 and died suddenly and unexpectedly on May 19 2024. Marshall was an award-winning American Journalist who's stated personal mission was, "to help individuals and employers understand the health care system and show how they can overcome the bullying and win." Marshall accepted the challenge to confront the status quo of rules and processes set by the large institutional healthcare systems run by hospitals, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies and exposed unfair, unsafe practices through his work.

Marshall's book, Never Pay the First Bill, not only promotes self-advocacy, but also endorses the profession of independent patient advocates in navigating complex billing issues in healthcare. He states, "We can take back control of our health care. When we do, we make things better for ourselves, our families and one another.”

At NAHAC, we send our deepest condolences to the Allen family, and wish to make public our gratitude for his life's work in promoting healthcare and patient advocacy in all he did.