Advocacy Spotlight

NAHAC’s Advocacy Spotlight highlights significant people and events in the health care advocacy landscape. Here you will find up and coming trends in health care advocacy and rising stars in the health care advocacy universe.

Advocate Spotlight

Advocacy Spotlight: Carey Kempton, MBA and now former President, NAHAC

This month's Advocacy Spotlight shines brightly on Carey Kempton. After serving 2 years as President of NAHAC's Board of Directors, Carey has chosen not to seek reelection. On behalf of the NAHAC Board, NAHAC Members, and Massachusetts Health Care Advocates (MAHCA) community, we express our gratitude to Carey for all of her contributions, not only to NAHAC as an organization, but also to the Patient and Healthcare Advocacy Profession.

Advocate Spotlight

Advocacy Spotlight: Patient Advocate Foundation Releases their 2022 Annual Impact Report

Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF), a national non-profit organization which provides case management services and financial aid to patients with chronic, life-threatening, and debilitating illness, has released its 2022 Annual Impact Report (AIR), Finding Equity in a World of Obstacles.

Advocate Spotlight

Advocacy Spotlight: Annual Shine Lecture: The Case for Patient and Health Care Advocates

Boston University School of Public Health’s Annual Shine Lecture honors the memory of Cathy Shine and her dedication to the rights of all those in need of care. This year’s event featured Dr. Heidi B. Kummer. Dr. Kummer is the founder of the independent practice 3C Patient Advocacy and has served as President of the Patient Advocate Certification Board since 2021.

Advocate Spotlight

Advocacy Spotlight: Ailene Gerhardt, MA, BCPA

Ailene Gerhardt, Vice President of the NAHAC Board of Directors, has built her advocacy practice Beacon Patient Solutions LLC with a focus on solo agers - an aging adult 55+ who, because of choice or circumstance, is without the support of adult children or close family members.